3 Reasons Why You Are Bad English Speaker
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3 Reasons Why You Are Bad English Speaker

1. You do not follow best rules! If you are still learning English as in school you are doing it wrong. Try methods that are more effective and gives better results in shorter period of time. One of these methods is Effortless English System. You can try if for free and check if it works well for you. Find your way to be better english speaker.

2. You are affraid to make mistakes. Everyone is making mistakes in life, in using language too. Probably this website is not 100% correct, but everything is understanable for you - that's the key. Be understandable, do not affraid too much about small mistakes in grammar, vocabulary during speech. Make sure that your speaker understands you making questions like "It's clear?". Always try to do your best, always!

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3. Learning alone. Language is to communicate, communication is your goal! So join some online english community to see how mistakes they are doing, write, read, share your opinion about different topics. Visit websites like http://www.kantalk.com/ to find people you can talk online using Skype. There is a lot of people who would like to talk with you, believe me. Feel that language is to communicate! That such great feeling :)

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