Best iPad Apps for ESL Teachers #6 - Dropmind Lite
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Best iPad Apps for ESL Teachers #6 - Dropmind Lite

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Mindmaps are  very useful tools for many students, whether they are used for vocabulary, grammar, writing concepts, or basically any subject that could be learned easier by visualizing information.

DropMind is an app that allows students to create custom mindmaps using various colors,shapes, fonts, and designs.  The "Lite" version is free and is pretty capable for students' needs.

I like it for creating outlines of various essay forms, vocabulary connections, grammar points, etc.  Students have some area for creativity in using this app, and it could be helpful for those students who are visual learners. For an example of a mindmap that I have done, please click HERE.

If you want  more useful iPad Apps, check out my Best iPad Apps Overview Presentation, and check these out.

Apps for ESL/Language teachers.
  1. Evernote
  2. Skitch
  3. Flashcardlet
  4. CloudOn
  5. ShowMe
  6. DropMind Lite
  7. MailVu
  8. AppsGoneFree
  9. VoiceThread

    Please comment and let me know what apps you like to use for ESL teaching/learning.

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