Diverse Sources Of Materials That Expand Your Knowledge
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Diverse Sources Of Materials That Expand Your Knowledge

The sixth rule of learning English is: ?use only authentic materials? - but what precisely?
The answer is simple yet unbelievable: any. Any English materials that you use can make studying the language easier and more productive.

YouTube videos 
From BBC and CNN News to wellness, music and geography channels, there are billions of videos waiting for you to explore. You don't have to ? what's more, you shouldn't ? limit yourself to just the materials addressed directly to studying people, but rather go for those that are recorded by native speakers of English for native speakers of English. This way you can be sure that the language used is the so-called living language, that it's true and authentic.

News websites and blogs 
If reading books isn't your match then you should definitely get into shorter pieces of literature. Whether these are articles from news websites or new entries on your favorite blogs it makes no difference. When subscribing a blog pay attention to the nationality of a blogger: of course it's advisable to follow native speakers of English. However, staying in touch with English should be your primary concern.

Songs and lyrics 
We all love music, don't we? From rock to rap, from metal to pop we enjoy singing along our favorite bands. So make it a two-in-one bargain and use some songs as a study material. Try to write down the lyrics and then compare them with the original, it's going to be fun!

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Audio books 
Maybe conventional books are not your shot, but you'll fall for easy-to-use audio books; you can use them virtually everywhere, carrying a few dozens of your beloved stories in a pocket. Pause every five minutes and try to summarize the plot to assure yourself that you understand it.

Although I have mentioned only a few sources, you can use virtually every piece of English to learn something out of it. Just stay tuned!

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