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DOGONews - News for children


Do you want your children to keep informed and know what is going on in the World? Are you afraid if they go to a newspaper website and they see news that might not be suitable for their age?

No problem; DOGONews is the digital newspaper for children therefore all the news that is published is in accordance with their age. DOGONews is a Web page with a very attractive and intuitive design so it makes browsing easier for the kids. Moreover, the content of the website is in English so the kids will be practising the language while reading the news interesting for them.

The news is grouped in different categories: Science, Sports, Social Studies, Did you know, Green, General, Entertainment, International, Amazing, Fun and Video. It is also possible to give your opinion about the news and read the most-liked articles.

Even more, in DOGONews you?ll also find a section (Sites) with hundreds of links to Web pages with more material in English for children and another section (Earth) that is a 3D animation of the World where you are shown different news and events as well as the location in the world where the news has taken place. It?s truly amazing and worth seeing.

Link | DOGONews

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