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As they say: "Listening is a natural way to learn English; it is fun and it works. You can study when you want: anytime, and any place. The passages are real people, speaking real English, talking about what interests them. There are passages for everyone: easy passages for beginners, and more difficult passages for advanced students."
You can choose the domain, the level, the topic, or choose the passage directly .
You can answer the comprehension questions, check the answers and listen to the passages again but reading the transcripts.

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If you're getting ready for the TOEFL exam but don't know exactly where to start in terms of preparation, consider checking out these four online learning tools. Grammar Monster In order to do well on the writing and speaking portions of the...

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In other to listen to English well, we must, as you know, listen much. But how can we listen to improve your english better in a shorter time? We suggest we should listen to English while reading its transcript. Do not quite often listen without looking...

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