How do you spend your weekends?
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How do you spend your weekends?

Topic: How do you spend your weekends?

1. Describe in detail what you do on your weekends and who you usually spend your time with.
2. Describe how you feel when the weekends are over.

As the school-week comes to and end, my class will become rather restless for what we will already be planning to do during the weekend.

On Saturday mornings, I will inevitably receive a telephone call from my good friend, Tom, who will implore me to go over to his place. There, the morning passes very quckly as we play computer games, exchange gossip and boast about each other?s feats during the week.

In the afternoon, we may go to watch a movie together, if there is a good one. Sometimes, we manage to sneak out of the apartment unnoticed, with Tom?s fishing nets, to fish in the nearby canal. However, we bother dread turning home after this escapade, as we will usually be greeted with a good scolding. Fishing in the canal has been categorically forbidden to both of us. Tom often comes to my place for dinner on Saturday evenings because he loves my mother?s cooking.

While the whole family sleeps late on Sunday mornings, go to Sunday school. For me, Sunday school is not just a time of religious learning but also the time play football in the church grounds. There are about fourteen boys in my Sunday school class and all of us are keen on soccer. Sometimes, even the few girls in the class join us in the rough but thrilling game. On my return from Sunday school, a magnificent lunch will be laid out, waiting to be consumed. The whole family congregates to eat and joke. After helping my mother to clean up, we will be off for a family outing usually to the beach.

When I get this gnawing feeling inside me, I know the weekend is over. A sense of loss hangs in the air. Time does seem to pass so quickly during the weekend.

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