How To Learn English Grammar Without Studying Rules?
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How To Learn English Grammar Without Studying Rules?

I learned about this method during Effortless English free email course. At first I was suprised when AJ Hoge said that I shouldn't study grammar rules no more. I was thinking: "OK, so how else can I learn grammar". Then AJ showed and explained how to use Point Of View lessons.

Point Of View lesson is simple one story told in different tenses like Past Simple, Present Simple, Future Simple.

Example (one sentence from story)

Past Simple:
My uncle Tom went to hospital because he was very sick.

Present Simple:
My uncle Tom goes to hospital because he is very sick.

Future Simple:
My uncle Tom will go to hospital because he wil be very sick.

Last sentence sound a little bit strange, but that's just example. So don't go crazy too much about it. What's the effect of listening the same story in different tenses? You learn new grammar rules without thinking like a child without analyzing grammar rules. It happens automatically. Have some questions? I will be happy to answer and help.

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