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Could you tell me your (full) name please?:Yes.My full name is Nusrat Jahan Prity
4.  Can I check out how to pronounce/ spell your name?:Yes .It is spelled N U S..5.  What would you like me to call you?/ What should I call you? :You can call me Prity.6.  Which part is your first name?:My first name is Nusrat.7.Does Prity means beautiful as in pretty?:No.Prity doesn?t mean beautiful as in pretty. It is a Bengali word that means friendship.8.It would not be wrong if it meant that.Right?:Yes .I think so.Thank you.
1.  Are you from Dhaka? / Are you from round here?:Yes I?m from Dhaka./No I?m not from around here,I?m from Dhaka.
2.  How long have you been in Dhaka? (Is Dhaka the only place you have lived in?):I have been in Dhaka for about 20 years.
Hobbies and free time:
1.What do you like doing in your free time?:I like to read books in my free time.I think that we learn about a lot of things by reading books and knowledge and skills are developed.
3.  Are there any new leisure activities you would like to take up? :Yes.I would like to take up singing as my new leisure activity.I like singing from my childhood,I have always liked it.I started singing when I was in class three.I?m a student now,I?m very busy with my studies.So if I can find/manage some free time,I will again start singing.4.  Do you prefer to go out or stay at home in the evenings? (Why?) :I prefer to stay at home in the evening.Usually I?m very busy all throughout the day.So I enjoy a quiet evening at home.5.  How do you usually spend your weekends/ days off? :I usually spend myweekends by enjoying some quality time with my family.You see,I?m very busy the whole week with studying and doing other works,so weekends are the only time when I can spend some time with my family.I also try to read some books and cook my favorite dishes.If I can manage some more time,then I go to my favorite places.
6.How much free time do you have? :I get very little free time.The fact is,I have to attend university 5 days a week,so I only get two days as free time.7. Do you enjoy playing sports? :No,I do not enjoy playing sports.But I like to watch them sometimes with family and friends. 8.What sports do you like?: I like cricket and football.
8.  What type of music do you enjoy most? :I like classical music most.My fav. Artist is__
Family and friends: 1.Do you have a large family?:No.I have a moderate size family.My father is a govt. employee.My mother is a housewife.I have one brother and one sister.I?m the eldest.
5.Would you like to have a large family? :No.I don?t think so.I?m happy with my family. 6. Do you live with your family?:Yes I live with my family in Dhaka.
Language studies and IELTS:1.  Do you speak any other languages? / How many languages do you
speak? :I can speak two languages,mainly,English,and the other is my native language,Benglai.2. Why are you taking the IELTS exam?:I am taking the ielts exam because I wish to get admitted into a university here.The varsity requires an ielts score from their students.Also(English is an important language.It is used and accepted everywhere.)Ielts will help me in this regard too.  5.  How long have you been studying English? :I have been studying English throughout my school life.You see,we have English as a compulsory subject in our school system.But for Ielts I have been studying for almost one year.   6.  Why is it important for you to learn English? :English is as a very important subject in our life.Everything is becoming digital,and so everything is becoming English dependent.Almost every book of higher study is written in English.So it is a must for pursuing higher studies.
 Future:1.What are your plans for your next holiday?
:For my next holiday my plan is to go to Siam.I like that place very much.It has a big library.One can enjoy various cultural shows.It looks beautiful at night.I like it then the most.4.  Do you have any plans or ambitions for the future?:I think I will be an MBA graduate & a successful business administrator.I will run my own business & hopefully live a happy life.
Travel: 1.Have you travelled much?:I can not say that I?ve travelled much,but did travel a bit.I have travelled from Dhaka to Bangkok for some times.I travelled for study,medication and of course, for visiting. 2.  Have you visited any foreign countries?:I?ve only travelled to Thailand,which is here.
Food and drink:1. Can you cook? :Yes I can cook.I cook in my freetime.People says I?m a good cook.2.  Who does the cooking in your family/ house?:Usually my mother does the cooking in my family.She is a great cook.In the whole world,I like my mother?s cooking the most. 3.  What is the most famous dish from your country?4.Can you describe it? :The most famous food from my country is the Hilsha fish fry.It is so famous as this Hilsha fish is found only in the river Padma.Which makes it exclusive to our country.It has a different taste,like no other fish.
5.  What is your favourite dish? :My fav dish is smashed potato and pulse curry.6. What kind of food do you like? :I like fruits most.My most fav fruit is apple & watermelon.

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