Learning with song lyrics
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Learning with song lyrics

This is my very favourite way of learning English, because this was my main motivation in my teen years. Nowadays, with the help of the internet it has become very easy to access song lyrics: you just type the name and performer of your favourite song + the word "lyrics" into the browser and there you are. You can print it and sing along while listening to it!

If you really want to learn a lot this way, it is essential that you understand what the lyrics mean: go through it, translate the sentences, look up the key phrases in a dictionary. After that all that is left is to listen to it a thousand times (which is not really a sacrifice if it is really a favourite song of yours) and try to sing along with the singer. You'll surely learn the phrases and grammatical structures of the song for life!

There's even an easier way: on Youtube you can find the karaoke version of some popular songs: you can see the lyrics and listen to the song at the same time. As an example I've added a Massive Attack song (Teardrop) here, but you can search for your own favourite ones.

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