Life of Margaret Thatcher
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Life of Margaret Thatcher

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Have you ever known who is the politician heroin of the world ? She is Margaret Thatcher. She was politician and former British Prime Minister. She was born as Margaret Roberts on October, 13 1925 in Grantham, England. Her family operated a grocery store and she lived in an apartment above the store with her family. Little Thatcher was a student of local grammar school. During her childhood, Thatcher was introduced to conservative politics by her father, who was a member of the town?s council, grocer, lay preacher and local mayor. Thatcher was good and clever student so, she accepted to Oxford University. She also studied chemistry at Somerville College. When she studied chemistry at Oxford, she became president of the Oxford Conservative Association because she was politically active. She had a good instructor named Dorothy Hodgkin, a Nobel Prize ? winning scientist. In 1947, she finally graduated and earned degree in chemistry. Only two years after graduated, Thatcher made her first bid for public office. She ran as the conservative candidate for a Dartford parliamentary seat in the 1950 elections. In 1951, she married Denis Thatcher, having two twin children by him. A year later, Thatcher put politics aside for a time to study law when not in work and became barrister in 1953 but she did not stay away from the political arena for too long. In 1959, Thatcher firstly won a seat in the House of Commons for representing Finchley. Thatcher was also appointed parliamentary under secretary for pensions and national insurance. She became a member of the Shadow Cabinet which a group of political leaders who hold cabinet level posts if their party was in power. In June 1970, Thatcher was appointed secretary of state for education and science. She found her frustrated not because of the bad press around her actions but because she had difficulties getting Prime Minister Edward Heath to listen to her ideas. She handled a number of conflicts and crisis since 1971. In 1979, she also helped to return conservative power. There are a lot of conflicts started from 1981, the Falklands war in 1982, demonstration of labor in 1984 until 1985, big bomb in Grand Hotel, Brighton in the year of 1984 which almost made her and her husband?s life in dangerous. In her old age, she got dementia and dangerous illusion. All of tragedy in her life time was filmed by a well known movie director. To sum up, she is the only one female who became the longest time being a prime minister in Britain. Therefore, she was a strong lady so she named by people as the ?Iron Lady? because of her strong willing, cleverness, spirit and also her dreamed to made political in her country became developed and good.

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