My school
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My school

My school

Notes: Name of school ? Place ? The building ? The Principal ? Teachers ? Library, field, etc.

The name of my school is Oxford English School. It is situated in the middle of the town I live in. it is a very large school.

The school building is old but beautiful. There are many classrooms in it. The Principal is a middle-aged European. He is a kind and very efficient man.

The teachers of my school are of many races. Some are Chinese, some are Malay and some are Indian. There are also a few European teachers. They are all very clever and hardworking teachers. All the pupils like them very much.

As there are many pupils in my school, the library, the play ground and the hall are all very large. Pupils may be seen learning in the library, playing in the playground or performing gymnastics in the hall with great interest.

I am indeed proud of my school.

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