Newsletter # 6 - Meet Michael Marzio, creator of Real English®.
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Newsletter # 6 - Meet Michael Marzio, creator of Real English®.

George Machlan will interview Mike on Saturday, March 20, 2010. Mike will then take you on a tour of Real English lessons, and will show how the videos work with the exercises, emphasizing the nature of Real English Learning Techniques and also, quite simply, How to Use Real English®.
This session is primarily designed for teachers, but students are most welcome too!
All Details Here.
LOL is guaranteed since George will be in charge.

- In Search Of The Perfect Lesson
I just finished a new Real English lesson - 40b, about how we describe other people, beginning with our loved ones. videos in each exercise are even shorter than usual, and highly specific for the needs...

- 30 Languages Of Instructions For Beginners
See all the translations here. Thanks to George Machlan, & his friends and students, and thanks to my friends from around the world, we now have 21 languages of instructions for Beginners. So, if your students need help in their native language, there...

- The Evo Video 2010 Session Is In Week 4 Of 6
The 2010 Tesol-Sponsored EVO Video Session has been a great success so far. So called "competitors" become colleagues, all of us teaching English (ESL - EFL) online in very different ways, and helping other teachers in a collaborative effort. Here's...

- Join The Evo Video 2010 Workshop
My Video Classroom 2.0 ! Teachers, are you looking for resources that will save you prep time, enhance your lessons, and expand teaching and learning beyond the classroom walls? Learn about the Tesol-sponsored Electronic Village Online (EVO) workshops....

- Jeff Lebow And José Rodriguez Of Efl Bridges Interview Sarah Lilburn Of The Daily English Show, And Myself
Mike Marzio and Sarah Lilburn, creators of Real English and The Daily English show respectively, are interviewed by Jeff Lebow and José Rodriguez. Here's the live webacam talk. Many Thanks to our hosts at Edtech Talk! The people who watched this...

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