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Rainy season

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When the grass dry, the trees have lost their leaves, the rivers have very little water in them and the fields are parched, everyone prays for the coming of rain. But when it continues to rain for several days, there are prayers everywhere for the rain to stop, for heavy and continuous rain often causes great hardship to many people, especially in the equatorial region. The rainy season is therefore welcomed at times, and at other times, it is hated.

In equatorial countries like Malaysia, the rainy season often causes much damage to crops, life and property. People who work in the paddy-fields, rubber and other plantations have to stop their work for sometime. As a result, they lose income and suffer hardship. Farmers too suffer as they have to stop selling vegetables and poultry for a few days. Even school children experience a lot of inconvenience. They find it difficult to go to school in comfort and ease. Some places are completely under water and many children are unable to go to school. Sometimes the schools have to be closed. Even to go to the market becomes a problem, and people cannot go out to enjoy or do any work.

Continuous rain during the rainy season also causes much illness among children and adults. Sometimes many children are drowned in the floods caused by heavy rains. Bridges and houses are swept away by the floods and there is much suffering.

But if the rains are not heavy, the rainy season can bring a lot of joy to farmers and others. Rains bring water for our crops and for use in our homes. Light rains make the day cool and pleasant and people find it easy to work in the fields and other places. The soil remains moist. Plants and flowers grow easily to make our gardens beautiful. Vegetables too grow well and markets are full of green vegetables. Even animals, like cows and goats find enough grass to eat. There is also enough water for them to drink.

Yet, those who live in places where there is a lot of rainfall do not realize how fortunate they are. Only those who live in the hot deserts realize the value of rainfall. They would surely welcome the rainy season.

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