The Classroom 'Garden'!
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The Classroom 'Garden'!

I have recently been doing an experiment in growing small plants with a couple of classes of ten year olds. We have had mixed success so far, but some things are growing even it others seem to be struggling! I can tell you that I know that chickpeas grow faster than runner beans and that lentils grow extremely quickly!

Have a look here at my first video diary, straight from the classroom!

- Talk About Your Diary.
Talk about your diary. I have a diary which has been with me for about half a year. It is a blue book given to me by my dad as a new year present. He hoped that I would develop the habit of writing in my diary and I am glad that I have not disappointed...

- Talk About Yourself
Talk about yourself I am an eleven year old Indian girl. I come from a family of three. I have two elder brothers. Both my parents are teachers. I am a primary six student at Fairfield Primary School. My complexion is light brown and I have dark, short...

- What Is Food? And Give Its Importance
What is food? And give its importance. Man must eat in order to live; therefore, one of the most important problems man has is that of always being certain that he will have enough to eat when he needs it. At first, man did not have any way to control...

- Hello Little People!
Well it's been a while, but I'm going to get back into blogging now that I am actually teaching again and so far enjoying every minute of it!  This year I have been given a class of four year olds. It is my first year at a new school and...

- Shelly's Young Learner Blog Carnival
Big thank you to Shelly for including me in the YL blog carnival video. I don't always write about YLs but that is certainly the context about which I am most experienced. You can see the blog carnival video at the end of this post. Here are some...

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