The Power of Book-Helping You to Learn English
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The Power of Book-Helping You to Learn English

Some peo­ple believe Eng­lish came by his­tor­i­cal chance and is not their native lan­guage. But because it?s a recog­nised and widely-used lan­guage books have con­ferred much impor­tance on it.

Lan­guage skill is a chal­lenge to many. Read­ing books has helped many to learn Eng­lish But nobody, inclu­sive of learn­ers included, read trite sen­tences. Sen­tence con­struc­tion, poor gram­mar, flow and bal­ance are the key areas to con­cen­trate on. Itchy hands that enable you to read any­thing that writ­ten in Eng­lish gives you con­fi­dence in Eng­lish. You have to love books.
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Even if you start with the most basic book, new words come up. You can rely in con­tex­tual mean­ing other than using a dic­tio­nary. It is not excit­ing to look up mean­ings each and every time. You won?t make a step. This might beat you hard but read to under­stand and get the sen­tence struc­ture, how the sto­ries are weaved. Books have superb sen­tence structure.

It is not a crime to read and re read a sen­tence. Rep­e­ti­tion helps you to put thoughts together, do the diges­tion then deliver the fine print.

A book is sup­posed to stim­u­late the men­tal state of a reader. Jot down the new words you come across. What you write in black and white eas­ily sticks on the brain. So don?t start with com­plex lev­els. After all we read to under­stand and if you strug­gle to read a com­plex intro­duc­tion of a book and you can?t just get it, then it is a bad start. Those high level books are absolute discouragement.

Make it a rou­tine to read books. Do it at dawn when the mind is fresh, before you go to sleep or dur­ing lunch breaks. Set­tle for a book of your inter­est. There is moti­va­tion in read­ing a favorite book.

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