7 Steps toTo speak English fluently
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7 Steps toTo speak English fluently

To speak English fluently, you should know as many vocabulary as possible. Every English students knows this, but the problem is that they don't use the right method to learn more vocabulary, most students take a dictionary and start to memorize words randomly, which has no meaning!!

I wrote these simple steps just for you. If you follow them, you will learn more vocabulary in a short time: 

1) choose a theme:

This is the first step, you should select which theme do you want to learn vocabulary in, for example you can choose food, transport, ...This is very powerful because whenever you remember one English word, you will also remember all the other words you found with it.

I advice you to choose a subject you need its vocabulary, for example if you are a business man you can choose a theme related to business...

2) Use images, you remember English words faster:

The idea of images is an old idea, but it still works. It is also used with native children speakers.
I've already talked about children and learning English in this article some tips to speak enflish  and also in many others.

3) Write English phrases:

Generally we talk about writing new English words, but here I'm talking about writing English phrases which contains new English words. If you find a new word, write the whole phrase it is in. Many English students have a huge vocabulary in their mind but they don't know how to use this vocabulary because they just wrote word lists in their notebooks. So, you should write English phrases to do two things in one.

4) Pick up related English words:

What does it mean? well this means when you find a new word, try to find groups of words that come with it. It is also called word trees. For example, if your word is hotel, you can add "room, bed..."
This is very easy, if you chose a theme as I said.

5) English words with the same root:

This is also very powerful, and very easy but you can skip it if you don't know or you don't find words.
It consists of finding other English words that have the same root (noun, adjective, verb...)
For example: to travel-->traveling--> traveler-->...

6) Use the new English words:

If you think that having phrases with new words written in your notebook is enough, you're completely wrong!
you should use the new words you found, you should practice with your English friends (here is the best way to practice English: speak english with native speakers

7) Review New English vocabulary constantly:

If you don't review the new vocabulary you learned, it's the same as if you've done nothing!
Reviewing is so much important, The learning method is composed by: understanding, learning, reviewing. If you delete one of them, it will become a big problem (maybe you will never speak English if you do it!!!)

OK, you can use these steps, I know you will improve your English. If you thing something is missing you can tell me in the comments. See you for the next article, thank you.

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