Problems in Learning English and How to Solve It
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Problems in Learning English and How to Solve It

Are you having difficulty in learning English? You say to yourself: "If only I could learn English better, then I can do much more than that."? If you answered yes to these questions, and I'm sure you're wondering how you can do so. In this article, I would like to explain some of the problems faced by many English learners, and ways to improve English language which is simple and can be fun at the same time.

- Poor English vocabulary

Vocabulary is important when learning a language. Any language, including, of course, English, and thousands and thousands of words. In many cases, even those speaking a language does not know all the words of that language. There is too much to learn. In fact, according to several sources, I came across, there are only 800 words you should know to speak English. The list is too long to display here, but a good start to read through this list and see how many words you know. You can surprise yourself in the amount of words that are familiar with. We have published a list of the English club international, and you can go over there. Another problem facing people in learning English vocabulary is that they learn new words, but they tend to forget what they have learned very soon after that I have just learned of them. So what can you do?

- How to improve your English vocabulary

There are games to play and learning methods to improve the vocabulary of English. The best way is simple I want to suggest this; just make a list. Now there is more to it than just making the list, so keep reading. Once a week, and provide a list of words on the twenty-five by using the English World Club lists Vocab], or choose the words of the other popular sites. As you compile (or making) your list, make sure to write definitions, if you're not sure of at that time. Do your best to study and learn these new words. Now break the list down to five words a day. The first day, studying the first five words. On the second day, studying the next five words. Now here's the trick, and after your day of your second Vocab] five, in an attempt to write the words of yesterday. On the third day on school days, three words, and then trying to remember and write words Vocab] Monday. Do you see a pattern now? I hope so. Do this for five days, and your day-sixth and learn vocabulary, in an attempt to write all the words Vocab] private last week. Take your time, and do your best. When you are finished, and reviewing those words and see what you remember. If you use the above method, I can guarantee you improve your vocabulary in English and not forget the words that have been learned.

- And spoke little English language skills

One of the biggest complaints I hear about when one is learning a new language, and their inability to communicate successfully. If there is a problem with the reduction of tone, or lack of knowledge of vocabulary or the rules to create a decent conversation, the struggle of many people with poor speaking skills. People think that grammar learning in the classroom or study vocabulary words will help them speak English language. But these factors only gain knowledge of English, and can not be translated into the English language skills in real conversation. You have problems with speaking skills in English? The following are ways to improve your skills in the English language.

- How to improve English speaking skills

Have you tried to watch the movie in English? I'm sure that you have. It is one of the easiest things to do while you study and learn English. But what is about watching movies that are a good idea? I'll tell you that from listening to the words spoken aloud;. So that there is one thing I am sure that you have not thought of the mirror for the purpose of learning, but will lead to improvement of the biggest and best in learning English language skills. Read a book. Well, it's not necessary to be a book, but it must be in English. Now here's the trick, as you read this book, and read it aloud. Yes, it's that simple. Reading aloud will let you listen to your English at the same time, help you gain more confidence in speaking English. It must not be for too long. But you must be read aloud at least five minutes a day. Do not give up on this. I think that this is an important means of exercising and not exercising enough people in this way. Make sure you speak your words, and if you have to read slowly, and that's OK too. The point is to speak loudly and practice English speaking. Since many English learners do not have the opportunity to interact with native English speakers, and this is one of the best ways to help improve your skills in the English language. Which brings me to the problem of learning English is my final decision.

- Not enough interaction with English speakers

Inability to interact with native speakers of English can be a major obstacle to one is learning English. But there are many things you can do to help improve your interaction with native speakers of English, or at least to simulate this experience. Which, let's face it, probably the most important part of learning a new language. Interaction. So here are some things that can be done.

- As you are all aware, watching movies is a good idea. You can learn words from the street, and if you want to learn to speak like America, there are a lot of slang and Americanisms (as I like to call it) which is difficult to know simply by reading. To learn the vernacular, a person must hear words and phrases in context. Through watching movies, can there be any way in which you, the learner, and can be an error or misunderstanding of the meaning of words or phrases.

- One way (I think this is the best way) that English learners do not think a lot of, is to find a mother tongue English in the chat room, learning English site and chat with them via Skype or other Internet voice services. There are a lot of people who just love to talk with you over the phone or online to help you learn. Or maybe you can offer to teach them a little bit of your language in return. That there is something the way everyone gains from this experience. If you are in a country or city that you do not have a chance to find a friend of English and the mother talk on the phone or the Internet is the next best thing.

- If you are lucky enough to learn the English language, which you can meet with (and should be someone you are comfortable enough to attempt to speak, and you will not be shy), in an attempt to meet them in a comfortable place that you can hear each other speak, and spent about an hour only talk about any topic that comes to mind. You can also plan some topics that talk about so you do not waste your time thinking of things to say. May write down the questions you have or have them ask questions so you can practice answering them.

There are many other problems in learning English, but I think these are the three major causes. I guarantee that if you know the pitfalls and know how to avoid them, every aspect of learning English will improve. It will be the mother tongue of English at any time. Good luck!

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