Advice from an English teacher to learn english fast
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Advice from an English teacher to learn english fast

You are learning english as a foreign language.Yes?But you are unable to speak in english after studying for many years.Now,you wonder how to learn english fast and easy?Relax! i am going to tell you a few genuine rules that my teacher told me when i myself was studying english.If you are ready to adapt these rules you will find a change after a few days cann't say dramatic as learning a language is a gradual process and not over the night.

All you need to do is to change your studying method that's useless.And stick to the natural way of learning any language.Before saying more i direct you to the basic rules of learning english.

Close the dictionary:

It's not wise to open up your english dictionary for every single new word you read or listen.Better try first to understand the meaning of new words by the context.This way you can lean new words fast and gain vocabulary easy.

on't study english grammar:

No native english speaker starts speaking after memorizing grammar rules.It will make the things more complex and confusing.Instead,you may remember short sentences for any specific rule used in it.For example,if you want to remember the rules for present tense you can remember following sentences.

I study english everyday. I'm studying english now. I have finished studying english. I have been studying english for two hours.

By remembring sentences you can avoid mixing up of certain grammar rules.

Textbooks are not enough:

The method of learning english is the same what you used for learning your mothertongue.What was that?Listening and Speaking.Linguists classify the process of learning a new language into four categories:





So the first step to learn english is to listen english as much as possible.For this,listen to english news,watch english talk shows,english movies & documentries and other interesting TV programes.It would help you improve pronunciation and at the same time you could have much information gathered to speak on different subjects.Sooner you will start speaking short,simple sentences unconsciously in your daily life.

Read situational dialogues:

Situational dialogues like "going on a trip",replacing a shirt in a boutique are really amazing to get an idea on how to speak easily.Moreover,reading short jokes are also good that are available online in abundance.

Read and copy:

Suppose you read a short story or any passage from the newspaper.Read out carfully and try to mimic in style and in wording while penning it down.Practise it for several days.

Word bank:

For an out and out new learner,one good news is that linguists have prepared a list of 850 word enough to speak about different matters of routine life.These words are named as Basic engliosh.600 words are names of different things,150 words express different properties(disgust,weather etc),and remaining 100 words(e.g come,go,through). are the words used in combination with the rest 750 words to explain the meaning


Pay good attention to the usage of auxillary verbs that are generally overlooked.They are used frequently in any conversation.

Read out a passage or two from your book loudly everday.

Choose any topic and start speaking on it,see how much you have to say.

Also,study slangwords to understand native speakers.

Start speaking now:

First fluency then accuuracy.It is a basic rule for spoken english.Do not hesitate or start reminding grammar rules during speaking.Keep on saying.Do not worry about making mistakes.Initially,every new learner makes mistakes and later improvement comes automatically.How many times you speak wrong sentences and know it afterwards?SO Practise,Practise and Practise.

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