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Find Great Podcasts on Listen to English

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Are you looking for interesting podcasts to practice your English with? There is a huge variety of podcasts on the Internet: about football ( , from the BBC, from VOA news, from ESL podcasts and more.

Today we present you with a new web page, , in blog format that contains very interesting podcasts about different topics: Music, Phrasal Verbs, Better, Stonehenge, How much does the Queen cost?... and much more.

In every blog entry you?ll find a podcast with the complete transcription (the text in the entry) plus exercises with the related vocabulary, grammar explanations or games.

The podcasts, whose average length is between 3 and 5 minutes, are written and produced by Peter Carter, an English gentleman from Birmingham, who speaks clearly in British English.

An online resource highly recommended for learning English, improving your vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills.


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