How to Improve Pronunciation
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How to Improve Pronunciation

Mostly in our school or in speaking classes there is always emphasis on grammar instead of spoken English,Whenever we try to learn a language each step of it seems hard and understandable to us   ,especially a non native speakers feel himself uncomfortable in everything like reading , listening, speaking, in English also the most hardest step that comes in our way is to speak ,most of students think that the pronunciation is very difficult step to attain.
But it?s also very necessary that your  pronunciation should be neat and clear so that other people can understand are some tips for you that will   definitely give you some  easy ways to practice your spoken English . that how to go ahead in your learning process of speaking English.

Listen Daily --- first you need to understand where you feel problem, once you   come to know that what is the most problematic thing , you just write down that in your notebook it ll be easier for you to make improvement . pronunciation becomes problem because we are not habitual of listening we in the name of learning English we only start to  read and read only  .the second step we take is to start speaking a little with friends  or in our circle, but we listen very less that is why  it takes lots of time to to speak English accurately . to get rid of this  you should practice to listen daily a paragraph and then try to speak that in the same tone ..the words where you feel problem in speaking write down them in your not book,underline the stressed words, then read aloud focusing on stressing the underlined words and gliding over the non-stressed words again and again practice them loudly .or Write down a few sentences, or take a few example sentences from a book or exercise then practice them .
you will be surprised at how quickly your pronunciation improves! By focusing on stressed words, non-stressed words and syllables take on their more muted nature.

Spend some time with yourself --- Pronunciation problems persist because we're afraid to make mistakes in public. we think it ll be Create a laughing stuck of  us - you just have to create some lyrics ans enact like you are going to meeting someone for the first time, going to order food at at a restaurant, asking for directions in a mall or new place then act out the dialogue by yourself. Don't be lazy and shy it will definitely improve your speaking quality.  -

Listen carefully ---It is most important aspect to know that how people are speaking English, most of us observe only just what they are saying.  we must  Listen to the rhythm of their speech.  Pay attention to the way how they give pitch and how their voice goes up and down. each language has some raise and falls when we speak it flat it reacts some problem to listeners. rise and fall of our voice when we talk actually makes our speech clear and easy for our listener to understand.  not to know about the  correct stress patterns makes our speech more difficult to understand. So instead of just listening to ?what?   they are saying, start to listen to ? how? they are saying it.  Listen to the ?music?,  the up and down of the pitch of their voice. You will get to know how to make  the correct stress and rhythms in English words

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