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Septian Tri Jayanti (120221414996)
I had a lot of fun things as my hobby back then. When I was a child, I used to play every day. Not as usual as the other little girls who liked playing with a doll, but I had an interest in playing with some boys. So I had some hobbies like playing kites, marbles, or some games with a ball. When I was in elementary school, I joined in a volleyball team. I found that only a few girls had same interest there. In 2005, I joined a volleyball competition and my team got the second place. I was crazy about volleyball at that time. In 2006, I graduated from an elementary school and entered the Junior High School 1 Singosari. I continued to join the volleyball team. My teacher also supported me. I exercised twice a week and did a lot of physical exercise. One day, I was sick and had to be hospitalized. My doctor said that I should rest for a while. Therefore, my parents did not allow me to join the volleyball team anymore. Sometimes I played volleyball just for fun. In 2009, I entered the Senior High School 1 Lawang and joined volleyball as my extracurricular. In the second year, I moved to another extracurricular activity. I did not know why my interest in volleyball had gone. Then I joined a German class. I felt that German was very interesting. I could learn about other foreign languages beside English. I also could know about the culture. At that time, I decided to learn more about German. Then I chose the language program when I was in the second grade. In the middle of my second year, I had an interest in K-Pop. When I become a college student, one of my friends is K-Pop lovers. Then we often shared anything about K-Pop. We also practiced a cover dance of K-Pop together. Now I love K-Pop more and more. I can conclude that I love to doing something when I have an interest in it.

- Articles Exercise 2
Exercise  Fill in the blank with the appropriate article, a, an, or the, or leave the space blank if no article is needed. Questions She needed ----------- apple from that basket.  --------church on that road  is...

- The Uses Of The Hobby
Give a comment about the uses of the hobby. An activity in which we take an interest outside our regular work becomes a hobby. Some students make drawing or painting a hobby, for others collection of stamps or gardening. Shell collecting on the beach...

- The Importance Of English In An Elementary School Education
The Importance of English in an Elementary School EducationEnglish has an important role in the world as an international language. English is like a window to the world because by English you can learn about the world and you can get more information...

- My Life
          Most of people do not know about what the meaning of life is, but I know about my life. My life is never flat. I was born on February 20, 1994 in Ngawi. In my life I met good and bad things. The good things that I have...

- My Childhood
Sometimes, I miss my childhood. In my lifetime, it is a lovely one. When I was a child, I lived with my parents in Tabanan City, the place that I was born in. I grew up there until I was four year old. At that time, we lived in a rent house and my parents?...

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