My Life
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My Life

          Most of people do not know about what the meaning of life is, but I know about my life. My life is never flat. I was born on February 20, 1994 in Ngawi. In my life I met good and bad things. The good things that I have are I have a God who is very good in every life, who always helps me in every situation. My parents who care about me, teach me and make me understand what I live for. I have many friends who accompany me in every moment. I have a dream which makes me full of spirit to face the life. The bad thing is a problem which always comes to me, but with a problem I could learn about patience, maturity, and so on. When I entered an elementary school in 2000, my teacher asked me about my dream and I directly said that I want to be a singer because I liked to sing. My parents gave me many DVDs about songs of children so I like to sing. In 2006, when I entered a junior high school I realized that my voice was not good. I did not have a skill to be a singer. My high dream was not completed by my good voice but I never threw away my dream and I did not hopefully. I tried to study harder so I can get a good mark. Although I could not be a singer I still had ability to be a successful person. Finally I got an achievement because I was top three in my class. In 2009, I entered a senior high school. When I was grade 10, I got a bad mark. I cried, but my parents told me that it was never mind. They asked me to study harder than before. They also asked me what I want to be and they suggested me to be a teacher or a lecturer. I thought that is a good job so I decided to be a teacher or a lecturer. I chose to be an English teacher so I entered a social class in grade 11. I studied harder about English and wanted to study at English Department of State University of Malang. Finally I could enter English Department of University of Malang. My parents were proud of me. I have to study harder so I can reach my dream to be a teacher or a lecturer. In brief, I understand about my life. My life is to find happiness, I learn about science, I learn from some problems, I make my dream real, and I make my parents proud of me. Therefore, you should be ready if your first dream did not come true. You must have a second choice in your life to reach a real happiness dream in your life.

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