Tips for Kids and Their Parents for Studying English
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Tips for Kids and Their Parents for Studying English

Parents who want to improve their kids abilty in mastering English, these are some useful tips :

First, guide your children to access interactive sites, so that they can communicate with people who have the same interest.

Second, make a schedule for them to do their homework, projects and help them when neccessary.

Third, play English songs that they can catch the lyrics

Fourth, Use computer for playing educational games

Fifth, choose an appropriate program on TV/CD/DVD to the age and level. Cartoons and animation films are something worth to be applied.W
Sixth, Encourage them to read stories for you
Seventh, let your child tell you what they have learned in the school. Ask them to mention pictures in the book they are learning.

Eight, name any objects in the house with their english names. This will make the language becomes real in their mind.
Ninth, ask your children to write new words more than five times each, then let them spell and read it.

Tenth, Help your child to make 'personal dictionary. In a notebook, write a letter of the alphabet at the top of each page. Begins with A and ends with Z. Children can register new words learned in school to the appropriate page. Can draw pictures to illustrate the meaning, and to put into or used in a sentence. This can be a great way to review.

Eleventh, If the parents can not speak English make a conversation when possible
To be realistic about what you can for your child

    * for all students to have knowledge of the positive and negative. This means that students can understand and appreciate more than I can say or write.

    * focus on what children know they do not have forgotten. The allocation of students in many cases, new words. Lilly may remember the "puppet", "jump rope" while Tom remembers the words such as "Dinosaur" or "robot".

    * When children get their mother tongue, and they understand the words before they are able to read and write. This is also true when learning a foreign language.

    * Foreign language learners often go through a 'silent phase' when you start to learn the language. This is normal. That they are listening and note the language. When you are ready, and will speak.

    * learners need to meet several times a language over a period of time before the 'know' it. We do not expect your child to 'know' everything after the first lesson. The teacher will review the words in the next lesson to help students to remember.

    * Studies show that learners who have normal exposure to language before puberty are more likely to be the best language skills (including pronunciation) by the time they are adults.

    * make mistakes is a natural part of the learning process.

Most important of all: remember that children are sponges! Do not expect them to absorb all that has been taught in school. Also, do not be too hard on your kid. Parents must make learning English and fun as possible.

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